One Women Bytes back

Alternative title I can jump coaxial cables

Now  for those of you that know me  you will know that my IT skills are well lets just say less than perfect.  For the last year or so I have been reflecting on my  maths and IT skills  or should I say  lack of skills . Was it natural ability that lead to my brother’s best subject in school being physics and mine history.   In my teenage  years my brother saw the computer as a magical world that had to be investigated and explored I saw it as  means by which I can type my essays without having to use liquid paper.

Now I  am beginning to wonder if my aversion to maths and IT was to do with socialization and gender.  In my school by year 11 maths was a subject for the boys. If you were a girl you better know what you are doing because the class wasn’t going to be slowed down by a stupid girl.  Actually I think the teachers would have helped but frankly I felt it would expose my stupidity too much if I asked. So for my last year of Maths Year 11 I just let it all wash over me. Anyway  I was always told that I was good at history and social science whilst my pitiful attempts at physics and algebra  always generated comments such as ‘ We don’t understand why you are struggling  you just need to be logical’.   I felt that if it was just logic finding the answers should be easy. My inability to see the logic was a sign of a huge deficiency on my part. .

By 16 I protected my self from thoughts of inadequacy  by deciding the computer and maths logic was stupid and I wanted nothing to do with it.  In this way I was safe from usually men looking at me as if I had just put my undies on my head and stating over and over again  I just don’t understand why you don’t get it.

Whilst saved from feelings of inadequacy the loss was mine and I have missed out . If only someone  had  told me that  Yes  maths is based on logic but it is a  discipline that needs to be learnt and it is not easy. I was not stupid because the answers did not magically pop into my head.

So  what has this got to do with my blog. Well this is me reclaiming  my right to explore IT and use it in a way that hopefully will make an impact but is also fun.

Now again for those that know me  at this point I am refusing to let my computer programming partner help.  This is my exploration.  Yes it is leading to some frustration at times and the rate of swearing in the household has increased in the last couple of days. But it is all mine so don’t blame poor  David for any inadequacies in my blog.

For all of you that believe or have been told that something is beyond your capabilities this blog is for you. Please share the journey with me as I explore  women, and their position in society, how we all can be leaders and some of the quirkier things that happen in this world.

have fun exploring


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3 Responses to One Women Bytes back

  1. I’m not sure if the previous comment I left actually posted – they really do make these things much more complicated than they need to. Anyway, what I said was the a couple of years ago I became interested in stereotype threat and one of the papers I read on this said that they gave a group of kids a maths test, marked it and gave it back to the kids and then came back about 5 weeks later and asked the kids how they went in the test. All of the kids had been given their marks, so there should have been no mystery. But what they found was that boys systematically remembered doing better on the test then they had actually done and girls remembered doing worse.

    There is a really good book on all of this maths stuff you might find interesting called The Glass Wall, Why Mathematics Can Seem Difficult, by Frank Smith.

    I really enjoyed your first blog, Julie.

  2. So I guess you are wanting to give yourself a challenge, and rise to it? And good on you!

    Otherwise I might have said that your first mistake is to choose WordPress — loved by the geeky, I observe, and not by the likes of me. I did once try WordPress, and ran away screaming. I like Blogger, cos it makes everything so easy that even I can do it. My computer programmer son once said he tells his friends that I am more of a tech-head than he is. Now you know how — find the easiest way!

    If you can make this WordPress thing work, which it sure looks as if you can, you are byting back very well. 🙂

  3. inthemix says:

    Thanks so much for your comments and support. Trevor the book sounds great I am definitely going to get it. And Rosemary so far so good with WordPress. I have a few things to set up still but I am getting there.

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