Kevin Rudd leaving parliament: A legacy lost

Many hero stories are not built around how people cope with victory but how they cope with defeat.  The Julia Gillard and  Kevin  Rudd saga  is a case in point and demonstrates that positive and lasting legacies are made when you act with integrity.

Kevin  I fear is not going to be remembered for his work as the member for Griffith nor for most of his work as Prime Minister. He is going to be remembered for decisions he is rumoured to have made to destabilise his own party and his leader to serve a private agenda. Meanwhile Julia Gillard has had several events to honour her since she, like Kevin, was removed from office by her own party.    

Not withstanding  political differences between Julia and Kevin  and policy decisions they made the real difference between the two is how they acted  in the face of adversity, when their party removed them as leader.  Julia after she was deposed as Prime Minister acted with integrity by providing Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister and the Government the room they needed to govern,  and participate in an election campaign.  Julia  even though  not the leader was still showing her leadership skills by  putting the needs of the her party and her country above her own ego.   Whilst Kevin has been tainted as a leader that put integrity to one side in order to try and win back what he had lost and held dear.

Kevin Rudd leaves parliament

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