Unconscious gender bias: Take the test if you dare

cognative image Like me do you say you believe that men and women are equal.  But maybe we are more a part of  the problem than we think. I did the unconscious gender and career association test and the result; I moderately over associate men with careers and women with family. 

Society is riddled with gender assumptions that discriminate  against women so it is not a shock that I have absorbed some bias thinking. I am not going to beat myself up about it but I will do something.  And that something is being aware. Even though I consider myself a strong feminist, I still need to examine my actions and check that they are not being affected by an unconscious gender bias.

So want to  find out if what you say is what you actual unconscious believe . Yes !  Then take the test  devised by Project implicit a collaborative research effort between researchers at Harvard University, the University of Virginia, the University of Washington, Ben-Gurion University, and the University of Florida.  

FYI. It take about 2 minutes to register then you will be given a choice of about a dozen unconscious discrimination tests. You  can do each test individually it takes about  7 minutes to do the test.

unconscious bias test

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2 Responses to Unconscious gender bias: Take the test if you dare

  1. Beating yourself up about your unconscious biases is exactly the wrong response, It is the response that has people saying they are ‘colour blind’ when it comes to race, when they are really anything but. Which is actually part of the problem – rather than part of the solution. Racism won’t stop because we pretend not to notice race, just as gender inequality will not go away because we pretend not to notice socially ingrained stereotypes, but go on living out those prejudices anyway. We need to assume we are more racist and sexist than we might well be – and assume we make more miss steps than right ones. It is only in assuming we are going to get it wrong that we have any hope at all of getting it right.

  2. inthemix says:

    Trevor very true and thanks for supporting my ‘no beating up of one self’ response. I get scared when people tell me they are completely objective and they have made a decision without bringing emotion in. We are all products of a society that is racist, sexist and a whole lot of other negative ists. The best we can do is work hard to be informed so as to reduce as biases and then be aware that are thoughts and feelings have not manifested from a vacuum. Vigilance is the key

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