Humour no excuse for racist taunts

I saw a racist post yesterday  on Facebook. It was a picture of a young black man smiling with the quote ‘I are niggest’. Sorry I got the quote slightly wrong in my post yesterday. Other people had made uncomplimentary comments about the young man.   I doubt that the young man volunteered for his photo to be used in this way and it is pretty clear to me  that ‘I are niggest’ is racist and is making this young man a figure of fun. I put in  a complaint to Facebook and  they responded by saying that because it was considered humour  that  they would not remove it .

What is funny is a subjective thing and one person or group of people should not be able to set the rules regarding what is funny but racism is not humour.   Humour should never be allowed to be an excuse used by cowardly  bullies  to get away with racist taunts.

I have now found a petition that deals with this exact issue. Please sign:



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