Taking control of Facebook content : Don’t let apathy act as consent


Today for the first time I have reported a Facebook post. It was a picture of a young black man with a wide smile looking very happy.  It made me smile until I read the captions. The caption underneath ” I am the Niggerest” on  top ‘”Look at the head on him.”  Apart from the post being just plain stupid it is also unacceptable, racist and cruel.

Where did they get the picture of the young man? Does the young man know his photo is being used in such a horrible way? I can’t imagine how I would react if a picture of mine was used in such a way.

A post like this can do a lot of harm not just to the young man in the picture but it sets a very low standard regarding how we treat fellow human beings.     By reporting the post  I am taking control  and not letting apathy act as consent. I am  standing up for this young man and standing against racist and cruel posts.  It is not much but it is something.

So I want to know what have or would you report to Facebook?  How did it go when you reported  something to Facebook? I have heard stories that getting content removed from Facebook is not so easy. Fingers cross it will be removed. I will let you know how my report goes.

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