‘Not knowing: the art of turning uncertainty into opportunity’, the perfect book for exploring the the new and unknown

not knowing

We often think of the world as mostly explored and discovered; that domains yet unexplored are to be left to the very brave and the very clever. But everyday we charter unexplored territories. That unexplored territory is the future. Every new day is unknown and unexplored.

Every day we journey into the unknown, unable to control all the variables around us. Some journey into the unknown clinging to the known ,afraid of anything new or unexpected. Others free fall into the unknown, believing that the opportunities the unknown can yield  is worth any pain that might also came with it. Many people are like me, sometimes brave and embracing the unexplored, at other times apprehensive. For me, how freely I venture into the unknown depends on what  I perceive the potential losses and gains to be.

Whether you are a free fall person, a clinger, or like me a bit of both Diana Renner’s and Steven D’Souza’s new book ‘Not Knowing: the art of turning uncertainty into opportunity’  is for you.  The book provides the valuable tools and tips to guide you through the unknown and to turn the unknown to your advantage. The lessons from this book can be applied to the workplace or to your personal life equally well.

I highly recommend people to read ‘Not Knowing’. It is a book full of ah ha moments and provides an opportunity to explore yourself, your environment and those around you in a new way. To find out more about the book and/or to purchase click this link Not Knowing.

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