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Stop Blaming women for having less money than men

Had my  article published in the Womens Agenda on Wednesday. I get so annoyed when people’s world view does not go extent beyond what they can see at the end of their noise. Women do not have less money than men because … Continue reading

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Says it all

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Bringing hazard control, courage and vision to community sector strategic planning

We can achieve a better world with planning, vision, courage and determination This article will not tell you step by step how to write a strategic plan. But I hope it inspires you to ask the big questions about how … Continue reading

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The Fruits of Feminism: How far have we come

Just over 20 years ago I was interviewed by Karen Kissane for an Age article on Feminism. For the article The Fruits of Feminism  Karen Kissane asked 12 feminists including Dr Anne Summers , Susan Ryan and Quentin Bryce, how far … Continue reading

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‘Not knowing: the art of turning uncertainty into opportunity’, the perfect book for exploring the the new and unknown

We often think of the world as mostly explored and discovered; that domains yet unexplored are to be left to the very brave and the very clever. But everyday we charter unexplored territories. That unexplored territory is the future. Every … Continue reading

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Five workplace practices every feminist leader should adopt

Five workplace practices every feminist leader should adopt Feminism: Equality, equal opportunity and not discriminating on the grounds of gender. So, do you just have to believe in these feminist principles to be a feminist leader? Unfortunately it is not … Continue reading

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Don’t hop on board the perpetual profit growth express train: Worker’s pay and conditions and the economy

Today on the tram home I had a flashback to a program my parents used to listen to on the radio about 30 years ago. It was called, The Science Report amazingly that show is still going to air with … Continue reading

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