Privacy and Safety on Facebook a booklet for women who have experienced family violence

Please share as widely as possible; you never know who in your family, workplace or friendship circles have experienced family violence and this new booklet on Privacy and Safety on Facebook could help.

Family violence causes isolated. Isolation  from  friends, family and support networks. Social media can help women connect with others; it can also be a tool used by perpetrators of family violence to stalk and further abuse women.

This new booklet ,Privacy and Safety on Facebook: a guide for survivors of abuse created by Facebook in conjunction with The National Network to End Domestic Violence can assist women who have experienced family violence to use Facebook as safely as possible or make a decision that for them at this moment Facebook isn’t for them.

The organisations mentioned in the booklet are American. For Victorian specific information and the contact details of Victorian organisations that can provide support for women experiencing electronic stalking read  WIRE’s stalking booklet  for information on gaining support in relation to family violence read WIRE’s  Domestic Violence Information Sheet


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Have doubts that there is still sexism in a country likes ours; then watch this fantastic YouTube clip

I have heard  people say we have had a woman Prime Minster and a woman as Governor General proof that there is no more sexism but is this proof that sexism is dead and buried?  Whilst these achievements are evidence of great steps forward sexism is alive and well and living in every part of our society.  Not sure watch this fantastic YouTube clip and  I am keen to hear your thoughts.

Gender roles reversed

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My daughter teary today because the summer holidays are over. This quote in conjunction with a hug and a kiss had her in a positive frame of mind instantaneously.

Dr Seuss

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Communication skills more than just talking or writing an email

Fantastic quote that says so much.  Lets be honest very few people have not been on both the giving and receiving end of  communication  breakdowns.   Clear communication requires the communicator understanding their audience and listening as well as talking.


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Best ever advice on decision making

Decision-making  made easy  ask yourself the following  question  ‘What would you advise your best friend to do if they were in your situation?’   Chip and Dan Heath from their Fantastic book Decisive

Ever noticed that our friends can think of simple solutions to our most complex of problems.  Annoying isn’t it?  Friends are often not caught up in the emotion of the situation which often enables them to see solution that we have dismissed too quickly or not thought of .

So next time you are facing a difficult decision ask yourself what would my best friend advice me to do. Try it it may save you countless sleepless nights tossing and turning. 

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New American research: women in IT earn less than men but location and role makes a difference

Women in small IT firms earn less than men but where you work and your role impacts the size of the gender pay gap.  On the upside the gender pay gap in  some IT  roles is far less than the American average of a 19% differential between men and women’s wages.

This data is American so may not directly correspond with the Australian experience but a very interesting read none the less.

Mapping the pay gap for women in in tech. how three cities stack up

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Wise words from Oscar Wilde



A great definition of selfishness. Definitely one to make  you think. Like and share if you agree with the wonderful and great Oscar Wilde.

oscar wilde 

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