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Stop Blaming women for having less money than men

Had my  article published in the Womens Agenda on Wednesday. I get so annoyed when people’s world view does not go extent beyond what they can see at the end of their noise. Women do not have less money than men because … Continue reading

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Have doubts that there is still sexism in a country likes ours; then watch this fantastic YouTube clip

I have heard  people say we have had a woman Prime Minster and a woman as Governor General proof that there is no more sexism but is this proof that sexism is dead and buried?  Whilst these achievements are evidence … Continue reading

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I will not be lectured to about sexism and misogyny by that man

I attended the  Victorian Women’s Trust ‘Credit where credit is due’ event today. Great speeches by Mary Crooks, Tony Winsor and of course Julia Gillard. Of course that speech, the one that has been viewed  a couple million times on … Continue reading

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For women gender discrimination in the IT industry starts at birth

Interesting article by Lev Lafayette about the discrimination women face in the IT industry. Unfortunately girls from a very young age are encouraged into paths that move them away from  IT and  science and maths based professions. Instead they are … Continue reading

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Are we equal: Daniel Craig in drag for women rights

  Millions of women and men around the world fight and campaign  for women to be equal. Women have gained a lot in the last 50 years the vast majority, if not all, was gained not by being handed something … Continue reading

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Why we have too few women leaders : A TED talk by Sheryl Sandberg

A very interesting TED talk. This TED talk was  the genesis of Sheryl Sandberg’s  best selling book ‘Lean In’.  A book and a talk that has been greatly praised and criticized. I  have just finished  Sheryl’s book and I loved … Continue reading

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